Corrigé : Anglais - Baccalaureat serie A-C-D Madagascar [sujet 2]

I. Reading comprehension
A. Find in the text:
1. Left out = omitted
2. Truths # lies
B. Choose the best answer:
1. The author clearly wants people to:
(a) think carefully about what they read and hear.
2. In political campaigns,
(c) dishonest candidates use half-truths.
C. Choose the best title for the text:
(a) Half-truths
D. Say if these statements are True, False or ING (Information Not Given). Justify:
1. False: The text says “it’s against the law to make false claims.”
2. True: The text says that advertisers sometimes try to mislead you with the truth.
E. Answer the following questions:
1. The gambler on the lottery lost one hundred dollars.
2. I don’t think it is right to tell half-truths in order to get some benefits. It’s the same as cheating. And cheating is against God’s law.
II. Language test:
A. Grammar in use:
1: Her
2: will
3: so
4: in
5: was
6: and
7: because
8: for
B. Indirect test of speaking
I. Express the following sentences in a less formal way:
1. Help me with this math problem, will you?
2. This is my friend Clark.
II. Dialogue
A: Excuse me, Sir. Could you tell me the way to the post office?
B: Go straight this street. Take the second turning on the right. Then walk straight till you see a hospital. Go north for two blocks and you’ll see the post office on your left.
A: Thank your very much, Sir.
III. Writing
Most schools usually have a day dedicated to teachers. “This is called “Teacher’s day”. Tell about a “Teacher’s day you once attended or, heard of. (About 120 words).
Once a year, we celebrate Teacher’s Day in honor of the teachers who spend so much time teaching us so many things.
This year, Teacher’s Day began with a school assembly in the hall where the headmaster delivered a speech. After that we adjourned to our classes to enjoy ourselves.
My classmates gave a small party for the teachers who taught us. Each of us contributed a small sum of money to buy cakes, drinks and other tidbits.
So began a round of eating, drinking and playing games with the teachers. Most of the teachers were very funny and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
In one word, we had a great time. It was so different from having lessons.

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