Corrigé : Anglais - Baccalaureat serie A-C-D Madagascar [sujet 3]

A. Reading comprehension
I. Choose the best meaning:
1. We compound the problem means: c) we make the problem worse.
2. In our frantic search for satisfaction implies that: c) we are very worried and rushed in our search for satisfaction.
II. Choose a title for the text:
(c): Simplify your life.
III. True, False or ING? Justify:
1. True: the text says “Satisfaction lies with less, not with more”.
2. True: the text says “… the more things they bought, the less they valued any one of them”.
IV. Complete the following sentence using information from the text:
If we want to gain the most of life, we should try to simplify it.
V. I think the best way to have full satisfaction in life is to put everything in God’s hands and do whatever you can at the same time.
B. Language test
Grammar in use
1: a
2: into
3: was
4: from
5: them
6: in
7: and
8: with
Indirect test of speaking
I. Match the sentences in column A with those in column B:
1: d
2: b
3: a
4: c
II. Complete the following conversation:
(1): What should I do?
(2): That’s a good idea.
(3): Yes, I am.
(4): That’s a good idea. I haven’t eaten in a restaurant for a long time.
(5): What time shall we go?
(6): That’s fine.
C. Writing
Teachers play an important role in education. Write about “your good and your bad” teachers.
As a student, I have come across many types of teachers. Some, good while others aren’t.
The good ones are those who put effort into their work. They care for the welfare of their students. They genuinely teach us what they know. So, despite their weaknesses, they’re great.
On the other hand, our Mathematics teacher is the worst of all. He comes in drunk. He sits at the table and tells us to do exercise this or that. When he teaches, it is almost impossible to follow him.
It is not for mw to judge the teachers. They run their lives as they see fit. I wonder what they will write about us if they were to write an essay entitled “Students, Good and Bad”.

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